Best Clipboard Manager for iOS & Mac

Hamidreza Farzi
4 min readApr 4, 2021

As you know I’m an iOS developer who needs an app to save all of my most frequently used texts like my E-mail address or things that I search mostly in Instagram, I always had a page in my iPhone notes app that I paste My most used texts on it. but that wasn’t ideal.

So I decided to install a clipboard manager on my iPhone, But the problem is I can’t use that app on my Mac and I need something to keep my most frequently used items on both iPhone and iPad alongside Mac. so I created an app for this purpose.

My app is called “Bit Box” and it’s currently available on App Store for iPhone & iPad & Mac App Store for Mac(runs on both Intel-based Macs & Apple Silicon Macs)

Bit Box Running on iPhone, iPad & Mac(both apple silicon and intel based Macs)

So maybe you have this question in your mind: “Why should I use this app?”

Imagine you have to send a repetitive message to many persons, or you need to type a mathematical symbol over and over again(something like √ or ≈).

Yes, you can do what I did in the past, save them in a note and copy them when you needed. But man it’s so slow, when you need an item you should leaving the app that you are working with, open notes, copy what you need, back to the main app, and paste, it takes time!

But with Bit Box, you can save these items as a clip in the app, and then when you need to paste these items you can use the keyboard to paste where you want.

Bit Box keyboard

Another benefit of this app that I can mention is, the app will not collect any data from you, in fact, all of your data save on your iCloud account no one access them except yourself.

Bit Box does not collect any data.

What I personally use Bit Box for?

In Instagram when you type in the search bar, for every character that you insert into the search bar one query happens, in fact, if you try to search one thing in different places(like once in the search bar, once in your following hashtags, once in your following or followers) after a while you can’t search (because of too many search queries) and Instagram will show you action blocked popup.

But with the Bit Box keyboard, you will type what you are searching for by pressing one button on the keyboard, so one query happens here, and it can help you search more before the action block popup appears.

There was another time that I used this app and it was very helpful for me. I had an exam and I had to mail my answer sheet to an Email address at the end of the exam. so time really mattered for me in this situation. So I saved the email address that I had to send my answer sheet as an item in Bit Box, and when I wanted to type that email address I switched to Bit Box keyboard and chose that email item, that mail address typed as quickly as possible without any mistake.

Save an item in app, using in other apps.

These are two of many examples that this app can help you with. Of course, there are many other use cases for this app & also new features are on the way.

here is the App Store link for Bit Box:

Once this app adds to your purchased list you can download it from all of your other devices like iPhone & iPad & Mac(once pay is enough), and you can use it forever without ads or a paid subscription. this app also supports family sharing so if you buy it, your family can use it.

If there is a feature that you need to add on Bit Box let me know in the comment section.